Thursday, February 22, 2007

Online Resources on 1-2 Enoch

You might want to have a look at the following in advance of tomorrow's session:

Regarding 2 Enoch, my review of Andrei A. Orlov, The Enoch-Metatron Tradition (Review of Biblical Literature, December 2006);

Regarding 1 Enoch and 2 Enoch, James VanderKam's 1997 guest essay for this course: "The Enoch Literature";

Regarding the Similitudes of Enoch and related materials, my lectures on Methodology and "Enoch as a Divine Mediator" for the 1998 Divine Mediator Figures course. These two lectures were later expanded and revised into my article ""Of Methodology, Monotheism, and Metatron," listed in the bibliography. I'm afraid the final article is not available online, but I will bring copies to class tomorrow.