Thursday, February 15, 2007

Translation of 5 Ezra

As promised, I have posted the authoritative translation of 5 Ezra by Theodore Bergren. This is based on the best available Latin text and should be used rather than any other translation.

I have also updated the class schedule on the OT Pseudepigrapha website to clarify what we are doing in the next few weeks. We will fill out the schedule further as the semester progresses.

It would be helpful if the class members would print out the Begren translation and the RSV translation of 5 Ezra and bring them to class tomorrow for comparative purposes. (The translation of 5 Ezra in the Charlesworth OTP is the same as that of the RSV, both by Bruce Metzger - about whom there is recent sad news - so no need to duplicate it if you already have it.)